Bailey III , Robert D.
Additional information

Bailey (C.S.A.), Theodore Freeland
Bailey Sr. , Robert D.
Justice, Martha
Bailey Jr. , Robert D.
Starkey, Sue
Bailey III , Robert D.
Hickman, Jean


Father: Bailey Jr. , Robert D.
Mother: Hickman, Jean


   Date: 4-1-1947

Death Died in his home.
   Date: 12-24-2008
   Place: Pineville, WV


Relation to Fox, Judy

Children of Bailey III , Robert D. and Fox, Judy
   Bailey, Angela Sue (6-26-1967)

Relation to Cornett, Christy

Children of Bailey III , Robert D. and Cornett, Christy
   Bailey IV , Robert D. (10-17-1977)
   Bailey, Micah

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