The Bailey’s - of southern West Virginia

This is a website documenting the West Virginia Baileys, descendants of James Bailey. Feel free to browse our family tree and if you find you are related, email me. Information was mainly gathered from the family tree created by my father Theodore A. Bailey Jr.. Most dates have been cross-referenced but mistakes can happen. Please email me with information if you find a discrepancy.  Checkout some of the history behind the name Bailey and maybe a thing or two about West Virginia.


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WV Factoids

  1. -No natural lakes.

  2. -First brick road in US.

  3. -First Sales Tax in US.

  4. -First public Spa.

  5. -Oldest golf course in US.

  6. -Second highest bridge in US.

  7. -Highest average elevation east of the Mississippi River.

  8. -Only state in the nation formed due to the Civil War.

  9. -Only state in the nation that still allows snake handling churches.